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Wendell Design Group Florist

No bridal shower is complete without beautiful flower arrangements. I asked my friend and master florist, Rene Wendell from Wendell Design Group Florist to create custom arrangements for Sabrina’s bridal shower. His arrangements were simple, incredibly elegant, and easy for any DIY bride to re-create.


Here are six tips Rene shared to help you create your own bridal centerpieces:

1. Mix and match your vases.

By selecting different vase shape and finishes, Rene creates a modern look that fits in the blush and gold color scheme.

2. Add narrow and tall candelabras to give your tablescape a contemporary feel.

Centerpieces have been traditionally long and low. The candelabras work because they are tall enough to be bold, yet narrow enough that it will not get in the way of seeing your guests.

3. Don’t have a small vase? Create your own with a drinking glass and candle votive.

Perfect for the DIY bride on a budget. Chances are, you already have the glass in your kitchen cabinets at home.

4. Cut your flowers so they fit tightly around the outside of the vase.
Rene cuts the hydrangea so the bottom of the flowers overlap the top of the vase. This will keep them from rocking and falling out. It also creates a seamless arrangement.

5. Add stems of flowering trees or shrubs to your arrangements.

The texture will give your arrangements an added layer of depth. Rene chose seeded eucalyptus for Sabrina’s centerpieces.

6. Start by cutting your flowers too long, and adjust as you go.

“You can always cut a little more off,” Rene advises. “It’s just more difficult to add some back on.”

Happy arranging!

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