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Meghan LA & Boheme

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Personal/Organizational Name
Meghan LA  & BOHEME

Years in Business and your History in the Industry
Twenty-two years in the LA Fashion Industry – 17 of those years owning my own business. My first Collection/Brand that I came out with  in 2002 was sold at Urban Outfitters and Rampage. It was really colorful and fun fashion. It was from there that I learned the Industry and realized my passion and niche, and want to make women look and feel beautiful. 

Describe in 2-3 sentences what you do.
Most of my time is not very creative or glamour, unfortunately.   I spend most of my time running between my sewing contractor, my warehouse, and design studio.  I also stare at a lot of spreadsheets and tiny numbers, which is the worst.  I reserve Saturdays for my creative time when my office is closed and I can really make some magic and have fun.

What sets you apart as a designer?
I think that I am really true to who I am and that shows in my work.  I take so much pride in what I do- it really is a passion inside of me.   I also think I am very accessible as a Designer and really listen to my Customers and their feedback.

What inspired you to get involved with fashion?
I started sewing when I was four years old. My Mom always made my clothes when I was young and I really enjoyed watching her.  She taught me everything about construction and sewing/ cutting patterns.  She’s just like Martha Stewart, I’m so blessed to have her as my Mom.

What is your favorite part of the job?
The best part about my job is when I get a letter, call or email from my Customers that they felt so amazing in one of my pieces… that they stole the show at the shower or party and received so many compliments.  This is the ultimate, best feeling ever- I can’t describe it.

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