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Jesus creates beauty in the secret places so He can reveal His glory in the open

Jesus creates beauty in the secret places so He can reveal His glory in the open.

White-knuckling hope when your potential is greater than your platform.

How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?
—Psalms 13:1

In episode five, I visited my friend and beekeeper, Mark Fratu. While touring his apiary, we got a rare glimpse into life of the colony and saw the queen bee at work. Mark explained that the queen bee is so special and important, so she is usually not seen. The bees cover her. They nurture her. They protect her. Seeing her reminded me of the story of Queen Esther. Although just a girl, she was chosen by God. But I’m sure at times she felt hidden, unseen, and unimportant.

Can you imagine what it would have been like for her living in a home with all the other eligible girls in the community? All vying for the attention of one man, separated from their families, and never to return.

The king held each girl’s future in his hands. One girl would become queen. The rest would move to a secondary home and live there forever, unless the king delighted in them and asked for her them name. One by one, Esther saw this become her friends’ fate. It would have been so easy for Esther to feel discouraged while she was waiting for her moment. She could have become bitter towards the king and the situation. But there are two characteristics Esther embodied while her potential was greater than her platform:

  1. Kindness. Before the women ever met the king, they were placed in the care of a man named Hegai. Hegai would not decide the women’s fate. He was a supporting character in their story. I wonder how many girls in that home discounted his influence because he was not the king. He wasn’t the man they were trying to impress. But Esther saw the value in Hegai. She treated him with kindness, and won his favor. This favor put her in a better position than the other girls. Life is not always fair. Just like Esther could not control being taken to the king’s harem, we can’t always control the things that happen to us. But we can control how we respond to them. Kindness is a choice.
  2. Contentment. After twelve long months, each woman was deemed ready to meet the king. Before their visit, they were invited to take and keep anything from the king’s treasure as a compensation for their time. If there was any moment to take back and recover their losses from the last twelve months, this would have been it. But Esther only took what was recommended by Hegai. She was content with less. The Bible says that because of her decision, she won favor in the eyes of all who saw her. Contentment may not change your circumstances, but it will change your perspective. It means I’m okay with where I am at. I can run the risk of ending with less, because I know who I am and whose I am. What happens to me doesn’t change my happiness.

At the right time, God elevated Esther. He favored her, and He used her to save His people. The words of her cousin Mordecai ring true today.

“Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”

This shows me that when we feel hidden or unimportant, God is at work. He is protecting us. He’s strengthening us. He’s nurturing the gifts He placed in us, so that when our moment of destiny comes, we are ready to embrace it.

God was at work, but so was Esther. By staying kind and content, Esther proved she could be trusted with the platform. It was how she was able to keep hope while in the waiting.

God has given you a sphere of influence. It’s your little colony—your destiny. And you are important—even when you feel unseen. But God is covering you. He is nurturing you and protecting you. So that at the right time, you can boldly take your place.

Stay kind. Stay content.

Jesus creates beauty in the secret places so He can reveal His glory in the open.

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How has Jesus created beauty in the unseen places of your life?

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